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Here you can find information about Yeovil ABC: our training session days, times and prices; coaching details; where we are and how to contact us. We help people from all around Yeovil and South Somerset to enjoy boxing and develop their skills. Contact us now for more details - we look forward to hearing from you.

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About Yeovil Boxing Club

About Yeovil ABC

Yeovil Amateur Boxing Club was set up in 1950 by Gordon Nicholls. He had been a successful boxer in the RAF and had a professional career of over 50 fights. Gordon wanted to help local people to enjoy boxing the best way he could so he set up Yeovil ABC. Since then the club has gone from strength-to-strength with the help of some amazing coaches: Founding member Dave Edmunds (who has been with Yeovil ABC for over 50 years and is still coaching at 82 years old!), Lez John, Robbin Hodder, Bob Goodman, Bob Green, Tim Rymell (20 years and still going strong) and the outstanding Nardiello brothers – Dave and Steve.

Over the years many people, young and old, from all over Somerset have developed their boxing skills, increased their fitness and enjoyed boxing in Yeovil. We are pleased to be welcoming more young people than ever before and are extremely proud that so many of our young boys and girls have had the true grit and determination to make it in to the ring.

We hold regular training sessions every week for beginners and for more experienced boxes. We also organise boxing shows featuring club members and visiting clubs from all over the country. The intention is to develop the club over the coming years and we will continue to push for funding for our own bespoke premises.

As always, we owe our thanks to all the people that have helped with Yeovil ABC over the years and to the trainers and boxers that have helped to make the club such a success.

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Become a member of Yeovil ABC

Coaching and Facilities

We do not charge a membership fee. Instead, we prefer to encourage people to come along who perhaps cannot afford a yearly subscription by only charging £4 for a training session. All we ask is that people enjoy their time at Yeovil ABC.

We have a secure gym that has two training rings, a large, well-equipped training room and a locker room. We also have plenty of pairs of boxing gloves, head defenders, punch bags, speed balls, skipping ropes, weights and timing facilities. We can also offer advice about sourcing good-value equipment for beginners and more experiences boxers.

Our Coaches

We are affiliated with England Boxing (the national organisational body for amateur boxing) and follow their coaching courses and guidelines. All of our coaches have completed boxing coaching courses and safeguarding and child protection workshops.

Please contact any of our coaches direct for more information about our training sessions or any other queries we may be able to help with:

Coach Contact Number Details
Megun Murphy-Kaute 07860 646 585 All general enquires and information about boxing
Tim Rymell 07708 426 332 Young people, beginners and boxers
Dean Trott 07809 351 424 Beginners and boxers
Dave Edmunds   Beginners and boxers
Dave Nardiello 07940 912 543 Boxers
Dan Pitman 07782 216 695 Beginners and boxers
Awards for boxing

Gain nationally recognised awards for boxing. There are 6 levels of award – Preliminary, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum – that emphasise boxing techniques, skills, movement and fitness development. The first three awards are all non-contact and can be taught in boxing clubs to new members or recreational boxers.

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Yeovil ABC Training Sessions

Training sessions

Training sessions are held every week-day evening for people who are interested, from beginners to experienced boxers. All members of the public aged 8 and over are welcome, regardless of their boxing experience. Members start with boxing for fitness: as their skills develop, and after passing a medical test, they can progress to the ring. We are fully insured and offer all our members help and advice to develop their full boxing potential in and out of the ring.

Our club is strong and growing, with as many as 30 people training in a session. We are especially keen to encourage more females to take up the sport, and we would like to develop our schoolboy section. We have a session on Wednesday evenings that is set aside specifically for young people so that they can come along and enjoy boxing in a supportive, friendly and fun environment.


Day Time Details Coach
Monday 7-8.30pm Beginners and boxers Dan Pitman & Tim Rymell
Tuesday 6-7.30pm Boxers only Dave Nardiello
Wednesday 6-7.00pm Young people (8 to 13 years old) Tim Rymell
7-8.30pm Beginners and boxers Dean Trott & Dave Edmunds
Thursday 6-7.00pm Boxers only Dave Nardiello
7-8.30pm Beginners and Keep Fit Megun Murphy-Kaute
Friday 7-8.30pm Females Only Megan Boulton
Saturday morning 10-11.30am Beginners and Keep Fit
Boxing for young people

We have training sessions for all ages, non-contact training, boxing for fitness and boxing for fun. We look forward to seeing you!

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Directions and contact details for Yeovil ABC

How to contact Yeovil ABC

We can help with any questions you may have about Yeovil ABC and are more than happy to help and offer advice about any aspect of boxing and training.

Please email us at the address below or use the contact form to get in touch with us at Yeovil Boxing Club. If you would like to contact one of our coaches, please use the phone numbers above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yeovil Amateur Boxing Club
The Glove Factory, Victoria Road,
Yeovil, Somerset.
BA21 5AZ

 07860 646 585

How to find Yeovil ABC

Yeovil Boxing Club is based in the Old Glove Factory at the top end of Victoria Road. Turn into the Glove Factory (on the left of the entrance to Fiveways schools) and follow the signs for Yeovil ABC round to the right. The Boxing Club is on the first floor, up the stairs, at the back of the building. Please give us a ring if you need any more directions.

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